Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vertical Shot, Know Flash Range, Picture Director

The next tips we used included take a vertical shot, know flash range, be a picture director. When taking a vertical shot, we tell our viewers, hey! Why not get creative and change up the angle? Something that is not meant to be confined in a horizontal shot should be revealed in its full force with a vertical shot, as represented in this picture of a vertical pole. Another tip we learned, know the flash range, keeps us aware of how far we can be to still light up the subject we are aiming at taking a photo of. As seen in this picture of the lockers, with out the knowledge of knowing the flash range, the lockers, previously hidden in the dark, would remain dark. The last tip we learned for the day was be a good picture director. This basically means to arrange the subjects of the photo in a nice presentable way. When taking a picture of three people, get creative and arrange them in a new and cool way, as represented in this picture down below.

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