Friday, September 28, 2012

Photowalk Project

1) We learned many ways to change a normal picture to a whole new creation through many techniques today. We learned how to shoot from a birds eye view which is shooting from above onto an object down below. We learned how to shoot also from worms eye view, which is getting down low and shooting on level with the object. Rule of thirds was also another technique we learned which teaches us to put the subject of the picture not straight in the middle but to the one-third of the picture. Framing, which is using natural barriers to frame the subject, was the fourth thing we learned. Fill the frame is basically zooming in to the point where the subject of the picture is filling the frame. Leading lines is using natural lines to lead to the subject. And last but not least repetition is seeing a common subject in the picture, like three chairs. 

2) On this photowalk I took many pictures putting all my new photo techniques to the test. It was nothing new sense ive known those techniques since the summer when I took yall with me to Ecuador, but it was still an experience to talk about. 

3) I picked these three photos because I thought they really represented the techniques i was trying to get out. Also, I thought these were just so artsy so i had to put them on as my top 3. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Photo J Blog

Hey fans! Now I know what you're thinking, this is not my first post for the class but since I am just catching up it's going to be posted after my first post. We're still going to call it the first post though! Welcome to my blog! Have fun!


 I found this impactful photo on a website called free documentaries online and I chose it because it not only catches the prior devastation and the ongoing ruin of the building, but it also foreshadows more to come with the sight of a second plane on its way. I liked this photo because it gives the viewer a broad overview of the occurrences of the day. You catch the demolition of the building and the force that caused, which in this case, would be the terrorist plane.

 This impact of this day on the 11th anniversary hasn't been brought to my attention with the level of intensity and importance as it did last year on the 10th anniversary. I feel like the media does a good job in portraying the seriousness in this event on the various anniversaries of its occurance. On the 10th anniversary, the television was filled with documentaries and untold stories of survivors, which is appropriate for such an anniversary. I feel like media does just what it needs to do to flash back those long lasting feelings of that day only 11 years ago.

I remember vivid scenes of my kindergarten self packing up boxes of teddy bears and toys for the children who lost their parents in the attack. I feel like that was the following day of the attack. I dont specifically remember the actual day it happened and the actual moment it dawned upon the attention of our kindergarten teachers. 

 I believe that all the images already shown on TV today about 9/11 despite the level of graphic intensity accurately provide us with the right image of the event. All the images are necessary to remind us of how serious that day was. I believe that media has the right to report everything as seen to keep the world up to date on what is occurring in their country. There might be those limited few things like the gory remains of all the people that the media should keep to themselves but that is about it. I believe that photojournalists should have the right to shoot anything they want, in addition with editor's overview of the whole process just in case something is not meant for the public eye.

Never Forget