Friday, October 12, 2012

Start Snapping Blog!

This is one of the pictures I took for our Start Snapping assignment. I liked this photo because it not only portrayed rule of thirds but also showed the technique fill the frame. This is one of the a many techniques we learned today where you take the subject of what you are trying to capture and fill the entire frame with just that object. I feel like filling the frame is a good technique because it gives you an artsy and close view of what the photographer wants you to see.

This is another picture I took in one of our first assignments, Start Snapping. This one show the technique framing and rule of thirds and maybe even fill the frame. Framing uses natural boarders to frame the subject you are trying to capture in the picture. I liked this picture because it looks really crisp and artsy and every little detail is caught. 

Here is a picture of three acorns that i set together in my backyard! This picture represents the technique of birds eye view due to the fact that the subject is seen from a top angle. The term birds eye view basically speaks for itself, meaning that the person get in on the way a bird from a high level would see the world. I particularly liked this picture because not only did i present a bird's eye view but it also shows a good use of rule of thirds. I just think the focus in the picture was worthy of showing!

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